Bubble Magus' G series in-sump Protein Skimmer is mechanically one of the most effective organic waste removing filters for saltwater aquariums. Its body is made up of almost entirely high quality cell cast acrylic, computer cut to precision, hand polished to perfection and glued by the hands of acrylic Artesians.

The Pump: Its main engine block running the G Series is the Bubble Magus SP Series pump. This pump utilizes a durable needle wheel impeller that not only draws a considerable amount of water and air, but also finely chops them up for optimal skimming.

It's Body: The G series body is cone shaped to further optimize it's performance by decreasing inner body turbulence. At the same time, this body shape effectively reduces and often eliminates micro-bubbles from escaping.

Bubble Plate: its Bubble plate ensures that the turbulence from the incoming bubbles and water is reduced significantly for a smoother travel to the neck thus assisting in faster skimming.

Collection ability: The collection cup is robust attachment that provides plenty of volume to collect skimmates. It also comes with an ideal skimmate drain that provides a considerable width needed to help drain even the largest chunk of skimmates slug.

The Nipple: This G Series also comes with a Collection Cup Lid Nipple, a feature that enables the raising skimmate from the body to disperse into the collection cup with ease rather than falling back into the water column.

The INNOVATION: The most innovative feature of the G Series is the outlet. No longer is the outlet another PVC pipe. Instead, acrylic gearwheels are the gates for the outgoing water. Openings cut into the gearwheels enables the water to escape, turning the gearwheels with the acrylic rod will increase or decrease the flow, thus the water level inside the Skimmer body.

Internal skimmer G7
Pump: Bubble-magus Rock SP2000
AC 110V, 16W
Use to tank: 500 – 700L
Water leave: 250MM
Size: 230 x 175 x 570MM (9.06x6.89x22.44")

Bubble Magus - Protein Skimmer G7