The 1.5'’ Sea Swirl Model (24 volt) satisfies the need for an oscillating device for large aquariums to create a broad oscillating current, not linear current like our competitors at an economical price and it is very energy efficient too! 

The 1.5'’ Model was designed for tanks 180 gals. and up and offers the truly smallest footprint area seen in the aquarium of only 2-1/4'’

Using our customer’s request’s and needs for a higher flow product for over 4 years now, we have developed and tested the 1.5'’ SS Model with great success.

  • 24 Volt
  • Totally NEW Design.....NO internal o-rings or seals. Straight through 1.5'’ pipe.
  • 360 degree adjustable schedule 80 inlet fitting
  • Flow rates from 3000 to 5800gph
  • With optional 2'’ outlet creates the broadest oscillating current in the industry!
  • Threaded outlet coupler.....NO more outlet nozzles coming off with extreme water pressure.
  • Only needs 1-1/2'’ behind tank to install.
  • Adjustable to your running water line by cutting the 6'’ piece of supplied black pipe or by adding a black coupler and black pipe to go deeper on closed loops.
  • Supplied with Black ‘’sweep’‘ 90, 45, black coupler and black male adapter for inlet.
  • Optional 2'’ sweep 90 with 1.5'’ black reducer bushing.
  • Supplied black acrylic bracket works with standard glass tank frames----Perimeter Bracing or Acrylic tank cut-out areas.
  • 2 Year Warranty—One of the best in the industry!